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Tuesday, May 16, 2023

famous UK Visa types 2023, and their requirements

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If you’re an uk employer and want to hire overseas national workers for a short or long time in the uk, or you’re an employee and want to improve your income and visit the UK, then this article will save you time and money to discover the most convenient ways to work in the UK because we’ll mention the types and benefits of the UK visa types 2023

What are the most famous UK Visa types 2023?

Temporary work visa:

This type of Uk visa is designed especially for short-term work in different fields in the UK, and every field has its type of visa with its rules, cost, and the allowed period in the UK. The following are the types of temporary work visas in the UK:

  • Charity workers: this visa allows you to take voluntary work in the UK for a known charitable organisation for up to 12 months.
  • Creative workers: if you work in the creative sector and are offered to work in the UK for a short time, this visa permits you to work in the UK for a year maximum.
  • Government Authorised Exchange Workers: available for non-UK residents who want to visit the UK to attend an approved training, internship, research, or work experience for up to 2 years
  • International Agreement Workers: if an overseas national wants to provide a professional service in the UK and this service is covered under the international laws. these services can be international organisation employment or private servants in diplomatic households, and in most cases, people get a valid temporary work visa for 2 years.
  • Religious Workers: this visa is available if someone outside the UK wants to participate in the activities of a religious institution in the UK. This visa is valid for 2 years.
  • Seasonal Workers: This visa is valid for up to 6 months. The 2 following types are eligible to get this visa:
    Working in edible horticulture, and this includes picking fruit and vegetables.
    Working in poultry production between 18 October – 31 December every year.

The above are examples of temporary UK visa types 2023 that allow the visa holder to work legally in the UK for a short time.

the temporary visa types related to business

Now, we’ll talk about the temporary visa types related to business, the UK government has opened these special UK visa types 2023 of business immigration routes, and it’s called Global Business Mobility (GBM), and it includes the following UK visa types 2023 in business:

  • Senior or Specialist Workers: when a specialist employee or senior manager is assigned to do tasks linked to their company or employer in the UK. This visa is the best match for a short-term job in the UK.
  • Graduate trainees: if a non-UK resident wants to study a graduate training programme to advance in their career. And this training qualifies the person for a managerial or specialist role. Then this person has the opportunity to get temporary visa until finishing the training.
  • UK Expansion Workers: this means that a non-UK resident is working as a specialist employee or a senior manager in a company outside the UK and is assigned to set up a company branch in the UK for their overseas business.
  • Service Suppliers: This is an overseas national who has a contract to provide services to a UK-based company. This person can be an en employee in an overseas company or a self-employed person.
  • Secondment Workers: an overseas national employee whose company outside the UK has seconded him/her to work for a UK sponsor as a part of an investment or a high-value contract.

The above are the common uk visa types 2023 for businesses, and it gives flexibility for business to complete their work without complications, with high quality performance.

now, let’s talk about the these UK visa types 2023 requirements, and how to make the process of getting the visa is simple, vans clear.

What are the requirements for a temporary worker visa?

If a UK-based business wants to recruit a non-UK resident for temporary work, they must have a valid licence (The temporary worker sponsor licence) to hire and sponsor the type of worker the company is looking for. the UK company or the employer needs to sponsor all the overseas that they want to hire for a temporary job for up to 2 years, the period, and the conditions depends on the job type.

The temporary worker sponsor licence is permission from the UK home office, so its holder can assign Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS) to non-UK residents to work in the UK under one of the UK visa types 2023 for temporary work.

Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS) this is a electronic certificate, that the worker must have, and it has a unique reference number so the worker has a valid visa application.

So how can a business owner get a Temporary Worker sponsor licence?

If a business owner needs a valid sponsor licence for recruiting foreign employees, then the owner must apply for a licence. This licence has requirements that must be provided to grant a temporary worker sponsor licence, and it includes the following:

  1. the organisation must be trustworthy: to make sure that the applicant organisation is trustworthy, the UK home office will check its history, background, day to day business operation and will search for any evidence that the organisation or some of its employees aren’t reliable, dependable or honest.
  2. it’s a genuine and legal organisation in the UK: this organisation must be running a real business, and have a proven business status. However, there is one exception to this rule when the organisation is looking to sponsor a UK expansion worker to launch a new branch in the UK that has yet to start trading in the UK.
  3. the organisation can carry its own sponsor duties: any organisation applying for a Temporary Worker sponsor licence must have an appropriate system to monitor sponsored workers, with the key personnel to track and manage sponsorships inside the business. Often the UK home office will visit the organisation site before approving the licence request to make sure that the applied sponsor can carry out the licence duties, and they focus on the HR systems and the applicant recruitment practices.

The organisation must be able to meet the requirement of the licence:
This includes making genuine offers, qualifying outside the UK business links and any salary requirements.

Once the UK home office accepts the application for a temporary worker sponsor licence, the sponsor licence holder can issue or assign a certificate of sponsorship. This licence is valid for 4 years, and to be able to use the licence for more time, it must be updated before the end of the 4 years if the organisation wants to continue using the licence. Meanwhile, this licence is only valid if the holder tries to break its rules.

How to apply for a temporary work visa as a non-UK resident?

  • If you want to get a temporary work visa, then the first and most important step is to find a licensed sponsor who can assign you a valid CoS notice; before the sponsor assign you a certificate of sponsorship, they must meet the following requirements:
  • The sponsor must check if the role you’re applying for is eligible for sponsorship: this means that the skill level required is suitable for the job.
  • Make sure that they will pay the worker well: when any worker is sponsored to work in the UK, and the sponsor must pay at least the minimum salary for this job.
  • Check if the worker is eligible for sponsorship for a specific temporary visa type to ensure that the worker can grant a temporary work visa.
  • After the licence sponsor assigns a valid CoS to the visa applicant and pays the assignment fee for this certificate, the worker can submit an online application to get the visa.


in this article, we discussed the details about the temporary Uk visa types 2023 for workers either they will be working in temporary work in charity, agriculture, or business for a very short period of time up to 2 years. if you still have some unanswered questions about UK visa types 2023, contact us via this form, and one of our immigration experts will contact you shortly.

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