Award-winning micro-mobility safety company seeks investors for industry-leading risk management and life-saving technology.

This company is an industry leader providing micro-mobility safety services and risk management to leading global brands and currently has over 1.1 million users.

The company provides an award-winning safety platform, that uses a highly accurate incident detection algorithm to recognise serious incidents and call for help, even when a user cannot themselves – turning a smartphone into a piece of life-saving equipment.


It already protects Deliveroo, JustEat, Lime, TIER, and clients. It provides rapid live information for insurers, helping to minimise claims leakage, making it possible for drivers to be alerted of nearby vulnerable road users (VRUs) with no additional hardware – directly addressing the leading cause of road accidents: the lack of awareness.

  • Industry Leadership: Leading provider of micro-mobility safety services and risk management.
  • Extensive User Base: Over 1.1 million users globally.
  • Award-Winning Safety Platform: Features an accurate incident detection algorithm.
  • Life-Saving Technology: Enables smartphones to call for help during serious incidents.
  • Notable Clients: Services used by Deliveroo, JustEat, Lime, TIER, and others.
  • Benefits for Insurers: Offers rapid live information to minimize claims leakage.
  • Enhanced Road Safety: Alerts drivers about nearby vulnerable road users (VRUs) without additional hardware.
  • Addressing Accident Causes: Directly combats lack of awareness, a major factor in road accidents.
Award-winning micro-mobility safety company
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