Investment Opportunity in UK’s Leading Diagnostic Genomics Company: Seeking Investor with Medical and Business Expertise

This is a unique opportunity to invest in a leading Diagnostic Genomics company in the UK.

(Genomics is the study of all the body’s DNA and tests for inherited and somatic diseases, such as Huntington’s disease and other conditions.)

The company is looking for an investment of £200,000 in return for an equity share in the business and a UK visa with permanent residency for the investor and their family.

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exclusive opportunity exists to invest in a prominent Diagnostic Genomics enterprise based in the UK. Given the increasing visibility of its benefits across various healthcare realms, particularly in preventive medicine, it’s an opportune moment for Genomics.
Transforming Urban Energy:
  • Medical experience
  • Network of contacts in target markets
  • Ability to undertake business partnerships/commercial agreements.
  • Management experience in business growth within the healthcare sector
Financial forecasts can be provided on request.

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