Transforming Buildings for a Sustainable Future: Investing in Safe Workplaces and Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) Excellence

The overall aim of the company is to future-proof buildings into safe workplaces, especially in a post-covid environment, which provides associated benefits to employers to attract and retain staff, and a welcoming environment for clients.

Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) issues have become an increasingly central focus for building occupiers in recent years.  Directives/regulations are coming down the track in the next 5 – 10 years compelling occupiers to enhance the energy rating of buildings.  It will become a need to have, not nice to have!


The company has a very experienced team with a track record of delivery in the sector, the company principals have been managing commercial property assets for more than 40 years in total and therefore have investment and asset management expertise.

  • Future-Proofing Buildings: Aim to create safe workplaces, particularly important in the post-COVID era.
  • Attracting and Retaining Staff: Focus on making buildings appealing to both employees and clients.
  • Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Focus: Addressing the growing importance of ESG issues in building management.
  • Upcoming Directives and Regulations: Anticipating changes requiring enhanced energy ratings for buildings within 5-10 years.
  • Shift from Optional to Mandatory: Energy efficiency to become a necessity, not just an added benefit.
  • Experienced Leadership Team: Company led by professionals with over 40 years of commercial property management experience.
  • Expertise in Investment and Asset Management: Demonstrated track record in managing commercial property assets effectively.
Investment Opportunities
New investment opportunity isale of man.

Expertise in the building sector and/or real estate development/management.

  • Focus on sustainable assets and place-making.
  • Good working knowledge of Environmental, Social and governance (ESG) credentials and how they add value to assets/investments.
  • Scientists involved in nanotechnology, particularly in the paint sector or been working towards net zero concepts.
  • Anyone with an operations management background.
Financial forecasts can be provided on request.

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