Why Everyone is Rushing to Live and Work in UK – Find Out Now!

At Fresh Start, we've had the honour of aiding many visionaries in their quests to live and work in UK. Through this account, we aim to sprinkle insights, laced with a dash of British humour, about why the UK has risen as a premier hotspot for the global business-minded elite. So, for those intrigued by this phenomenon and possibly considering making the leap, keep calm and journey on with us!
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Live and Work in UK : Beyond Tea, Royals, and Rain

From the idyllic vistas of the Lake District to the pulsating energy of Shoreditch’s tech pioneers, there’s an allure to Britain that’s hard to miss. Yet, the surge in those wishing to live and work in UK isn’t solely attributed to its scenic beauty and cultural landmarks. Let’s delve a bit deeper, shall we?

The UK’s Storied Legacy as a Global Business Epicentre

Historically, the UK has stood as a crossroad for trade, groundbreaking innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit. It proudly claims the origin of the Industrial Revolution and champions the ongoing fintech boom. This rich tapestry has crafted an environment where enterprises don’t just exist – they flourish.

Embracing the Unique British Lifestyle

Beyond the commerce, living in the UK offers a myriad of pleasures. Picture yourself unwinding in a quaint village pub after a week of accomplishments, or diving into the rich tapestry of arts in cities like Edinburgh and Liverpool. Seamlessly blending the old with the new, the UK provides a lifestyle that’s both homely and invigorating.

Now, onto the festivities! The magnificence of The Royal Ascot, juxtaposed with the whimsical cheese rolling festival in Gloucestershire, ensures there’s rarely a monotonous day. And for culinary enthusiasts, the UK has evolved beyond its fish and chips reputation. Today, it’s a gastronomic playground, boasting everything from elite Michelin-starred eateries to bustling street food stalls.

Having partnered with many at Fresh Start, we’ve seen firsthand the enchantment professionals feel when they opt to live and work in UK. Beyond business prospects, it’s the allure of an enriched life, steeped in history, diverse culture, and a dash of the unique British quirkiness that’s utterly captivating.

Economic Climate: A Safe Harbour for Investments

The charm of the British Isles extends far beyond its cobblestone streets and historic landmarks. When it comes to making serious business decisions, entrepreneurs and investors are finding the UK’s economic climate to be as inviting as a warm cuppa on a cold winter’s day.

Discussion on the Stability and Opportunities in the UK’s Economic Environment

The UK stands tall as one of the world’s largest economies, and this isn’t mere happenstance. Built on strong foundations of regulatory frameworks, an educated workforce, and a commitment to innovation, the UK continually attracts global investment. For entrepreneurs looking to live and work in UK, this translates to a business ecosystem ripe with opportunity.

Moreover, post-Brexit trade agreements have opened new avenues and markets for British businesses, assuring that while the winds of change may blow, they often usher in fresh prospects. If you’re an investor seeking growth, rest assured, the British market is not just stable; it’s buoyant.

Insights on the Business Sectors Seeing the Most Growth

Over the past decade, the UK has seen an explosive growth in sectors like fintech, green energy, and digital marketing. Cities such as Manchester, Leeds, and Birmingham are fast emerging as hubs outside the traditional London-centric view, proving the nation’s widespread commitment to diverse business growth.

And here’s a titbit for those intrigued by numbers: The UK’s fintech sector alone is worth over £7 billion, with more startups and unicorns than one can shake a stick at! Couple this with the nation’s push towards sustainable energy, and you’ve got a recipe for sound investment and innovative endeavours.

Through Fresh Start, we’ve had the privilege of guiding numerous entrepreneurs navigate this flourishing landscape. It’s clear that the decision to live and work in UK isn’t just about the appeal of its shores; it’s about the promise of its shores lined with golden opportunities.

From Vision to Reality with Fresh Start

Every ambitious endeavour begins with a vision. A dream of what could be, nestled in the heart of an entrepreneur. Yet, moving one’s life and business to a new country is no small feat. It demands more than just dreams; it requires guidance, expertise, and a bit of that British can-do attitude. Enter Fresh Start, your trusted companion on this journey to live and work in UK.

Highlighting the Comprehensive Services Offered by Fresh Start

At Fresh Start, we believe in hand-holding without the hand-wringing. Our comprehensive services are designed to make your transition to the UK as seamless as a James Bond suit. Starting with our free 1-to-1 consultation, we aim to understand your aspirations, ensuring that your journey begins on the right note.

Once we’ve sipped our tea and had our chat, we dive deep into the nitty-gritty. Business plan preparation and revision? We’ve got your back. With our team of seasoned professionals, we ensure your business blueprint aligns perfectly with the UK’s unique market nuances.

And it doesn’t end there. Throughout your stay, our legal consultancy is at your beck and call, navigating the intricate legal tapestry of the UK, so you can focus on what you do best – making your entrepreneurial dream a resounding success.

Real-life Success Stories of Entrepreneurs Who Made the Jump

Take, for instance, Sanjay, a tech entrepreneur from India. With a vision to expand his digital empire in Europe, he found the UK’s potential irresistible. Yet, the maze of business setups, visa processes, and legalities seemed daunting. With Fresh Start by his side, not only did Sanjay successfully establish his footprint in Manchester’s tech scene, but he also found himself enjoying a weekend footie match with the locals. That’s the Fresh Start promise: Business and pleasure, expertly blended.

In essence, choosing to live and work in UK is not just a change in address; it’s a transformative journey. And with Fresh Start, you’re assured that this journey is one of growth, success, and the occasional British quirk.

The UK’s Supportive Infrastructure for New Businesses

The excitement of starting a new business in the UK is much like the anticipation of a cricket match on a sunny British day. The players are ready, the pitch is set, but the success hinges on the groundwork and the support from the pavilion. In the game of entrepreneurship, the UK’s infrastructure plays a pivotal role in ensuring your innings is both long and prosperous.

Discussion on Government Initiatives and Programmes

It’s no secret that the UK government rolls out the red carpet for budding entrepreneurs and seasoned investors alike. Over the past few years, initiatives such as the ‘Start-Up Visa’ and the ‘Innovator Visa’ have made it easier for international business minds to live and work in UK.

But the support doesn’t stop at entry. The government offers various grants, tax reliefs, and mentorship programmes, specifically designed to nurture and bolster new ventures. The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) are prime examples, offering tax reliefs to investors who put their money into early-stage companies. It’s the government’s way of saying, “Welcome to the UK. Now, let’s make some business magic together!”

Spotlight on Tech Hubs, Innovation Centres, and Other Support Systems for Entrepreneurs

Beyond the direct support, the UK boasts an ecosystem teeming with tech hubs, co-working spaces, and innovation centres. London’s Silicon Roundabout, Manchester’s MediaCityUK, and Birmingham’s Innovation Birmingham Campus are just a few spots where ideas transform into enterprises.

These hubs aren’t just office spaces; they’re melting pots of creativity and collaboration. With access to cutting-edge resources, networking events, and industry experts, businesses are given every tool they need to succeed. And let’s be honest, there’s something rather charming about discussing your latest business idea over a traditional British afternoon tea in a modern co-working lounge.

Having assisted numerous clients at Fresh Start, we’ve seen first-hand the immense value these infrastructures bring. They’re not merely facilities; they’re launchpads for dreams. So, if you’re plotting your next business move, the UK beckons with open arms and a robust support system.

Living Standards: Not Just About Business

While the UK undeniably offers a fertile ground for businesses to flourish, it’s also about those moments when you’re not poring over spreadsheets or sealing deals. Let’s raise a toast (preferably with a fine English brew) to the exceptional living standards that make the UK more than just a business destination.

A Dive into Quality Healthcare and Education

One of the crown jewels of the UK is the National Health Service (NHS). Renowned worldwide, the NHS ensures that residents receive top-notch healthcare without burning a hole in their wallets. It’s like having a protective umbrella, come rain or shine.

And for those with family in tow or planning one, the UK’s education system stands as a beacon of excellence. From historic institutions like Oxford and Cambridge to modern and innovative schools, there’s an educational environment to nurture every young mind. It’s no wonder that many who initially moved to live and work in UK for business find themselves setting roots, thanks to the country’s commitment to nurturing the next generation.

Recreation, Culture, and the Great British Outdoors

The British lifestyle is a tapestry of culture, recreation, and the occasional drizzle. The West End theatres in London, the historic landmarks in Bath, the serene landscapes of the Scottish Highlands, and the vibrant nightlife of cities like Leeds and Bristol – there’s always something to tickle your fancy.

And for those weekends when you want to swap the business suit for hiking boots, the UK offers national parks, coastal trails, and the occasional adventure of trying to understand regional accents. It’s not just about living; it’s about thriving amidst history, culture, and nature.

At Fresh Start, we often find our clients dazzled by the dual allure of business and leisure in the UK. The tales of our clients seamlessly blending into the local community, cheering for football teams, or debating over the best ‘proper’ British pie, serve as heartwarming testaments to the life that awaits.

FAQ Section

Embarking on a journey to live and work in UK, particularly as an entrepreneur or investor, can stir up a myriad of questions. Thankfully, we at Fresh Start have got the answers. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by our business-savvy clients:

1. What visa options are available for entrepreneurs and investors to move to the UK?

The UK offers several visa options tailored for entrepreneurs and investors. Notably, the ‘Start-Up Visa’ is perfect for budding entrepreneurs, while the ‘Innovator Visa’ is more suited for those with a track record of successful businesses. Additionally, there’s the ‘Investor Visa’ for those looking to make a significant financial investment in the UK.

2. How does the UK’s tax system work for businesses?

The UK boasts a transparent and competitive tax system. Corporation tax rates are among the lowest in the G20, making it an attractive proposition for businesses. Remember, tax implications can vary based on your business structure, so consulting with a professional (like our partners at Fresh Start) is always recommended.

3. What support can I expect in setting up my business in the UK?

From government grants and mentoring schemes to innovation hubs and networking events, the UK offers a smorgasbord of support for new businesses. Plus, with Fresh Start, you get a partner to guide you through each step, ensuring your business hits the ground running.

4. Can my family relocate with me if I decide to live and work in UK?

Absolutely! The UK provides provisions for family members of entrepreneurs and investors to move together. From schools with top-notch education standards to healthcare services that are second to none, your family will be well taken care of.

5. How can Fresh Start assist me beyond the visa and initial business setup process?

At Fresh Start, we believe in building lasting relationships. Beyond initial consultations and business setups, we provide ongoing legal consultancy, helping you navigate the evolving UK business landscape throughout your journey.


From the bustling streets of London to the serene landscapes of the Cotswolds, the UK presents not just an enticing business landscape, but a life enriched with history, culture, and the occasional cheeky Nando’s. The allure to live and work in UK goes beyond the straightforward economic reasons; it’s an embrace of a lifestyle that’s as rewarding as it is exhilarating.

For the ambitious entrepreneur or the discerning investor, the UK’s supportive infrastructure, vibrant ecosystems, and stellar living standards make it a top choice. It’s not merely about planting your business flag but about laying down roots in a nation that champions innovation and cherishes tradition.

But, let’s be candid. Such a significant move is bound to come with its set of challenges. That’s where we, at Fresh Start, step in. Our aim is to transform your vision of making the UK your business and home into a seamless reality. With tailored advice, comprehensive services, and a dollop of good old British charm, we’re here to ensure your UK journey is one for the history books.

So, if you’re contemplating the leap, remember that the UK isn’t just a destination; it’s a fresh start. And speaking of fresh starts, you know who to call, right? (Hint: It’s us!)


 Book a free 1-to-1 consultation with our experts today. Dive deep into the specifics, ask those burning questions, and let’s carve out a path tailored just for you. Because at Fresh Start, your UK dream isn’t just a process – it’s a partnership.

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We are part of an established and successful group of UK-based companies, who for the last 12 years have focused on innovation and investment in the United Kingdom.


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The UK is known for its rich history of trade, innovation, and a diverse cultural lifestyle, making it an attractive destination for business-minded individuals and those seeking a high quality of life.

What are the key sectors experiencing growth in the UK?

Sectors like fintech, green energy, and digital marketing are seeing significant growth, with cities outside London, such as Manchester and Birmingham, emerging as business hubs.

How does Fresh Start assist individuals looking to move to the UK?

Fresh Start offers comprehensive services, including free consultations, business plan preparation, and legal consultancy, to facilitate a smooth transition for entrepreneurs and investors to the UK.

What are some of the UK government initiatives for new businesses?

The UK government offers various supports like the ‘Start-Up Visa’, ‘Innovator Visa’, tax reliefs, and mentorship programmes to encourage international entrepreneurs and investors.

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