For Entrepreneurs


For Entrepreneurs

The Innovator visa programme is for talented entrepreneurs who want to establish a business in the UK. This must be a new business idea, and one that offers something new to the UK market. Fresh Start UK offers two options for individuals wishing to apply for their Innovator visa. Option 1: Establish your own business. The option is for experience entrepreneurs seeking to set up their own innovative business in the UK. Applicants must have their own business idea and a business plan prepared, with a minimum investment of £50,000 to invest into their business. Option 2: Collaborate with a UK resident to start a new business. This option is for ambitious businesspeople who wish to collaborate with a UK resident, to start a new business together. Applicants applying through Fresh Start UK will be required to meet all current UK Government visa requirements and are recommended to have a minimum of £200,000 to start their business.


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