For Investors


For Investors

itigation Funding is capital investment into English legal cases, set by a Supreme Court precedent, giving greater protection to capital. Capital is invested into individual cases, and when each case is completed the investment capital + success returns are paid back into the investor's client account. Through Fresh Start UK, we only accept cases with a high probability of success (around 96%) and have After The Event (ATE) insurance in place on every case we fund, meaning any losing case funds are always returned to the investor. This is a 12–15-month investment into United Kingdom legal cases.

Bespoke Solutions for Permanent Residency in the UK

  • 100% Capital Protection
  • Minimum of 15%+ return, per case.
  • Diversify your wealth in a stable economy
  • Option for settlement in the UK available.
  • Fresh Start UK, and partners, will provide expertise and guidance for the litigation fund.
  • We will manage your investment and successful returns.
  • We will ensure the return of your investment and additional returns at the end of 15 months.
  • Minimum investment £300,000, no maximum investment
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