UK Universities Surge Up World League Table: Colleges Excel In Latest Rankings After Breakthrough Covid Research Led Fight Against The Pandemic

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  • World University Rankings show British institutions moving up the league table
  • Oxford retained top spot for a sixth year, while Cambridge jumped up to fifth
  • The universities both made considerable contributions to pandemic research 

British universities have excelled in this year’s world rankings.

The annual World University Rankings, published earlier this month, show Oxford has managed to retain its top spot for the sixth consecutive year.

Oxford, where the AstraZeneca vaccine was developed under Professor Dame Sarah Gilbert, is well-known for its contribution to fighting Covid. Professor Louise Richardson, vice-chancellor of Oxford University, said: ‘My colleagues and I are absolutely delighted.’

‘This past year has demonstrated to our publics, our governments, and even to ourselves just how much universities can contribute to society.’

Professor Louise Richardson, vice-chancellor of Oxford University

Meanwhile Cambridge, which jumped from sixth place to fifth this year, pumped out weekly research during the pandemic to inform government scientists.

But lesser-known institutions have also been credited for their pandemic effort in the rankings, including Edge Hill University in Ormskirk, Lancashire, and Derby University.

Judges said those two universities’ ranking improvement was a ‘direct result of citations from their Covid-19 focused research’.

Edge Hill, a former college which became a university in 2006, is rated ‘gold’ for teaching by the government watchdog but has always ranked low in international league tables.


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How did COVID-19 research efforts affect the global ranking of British universities?

COVID-19 research efforts, especially the development of the AstraZeneca vaccine at Oxford University, contributed to the improvement of British universities’ global rankings.

Which British universities made significant leaps in the world university rankings?

Oxford and Cambridge universities made notable progress, with Oxford maintaining the top spot for the sixth consecutive year and Cambridge jumping to the fifth position.
Universities like Edge Hill and Derby were recognized for their contributions to COVID-19 research, positively affecting their rankings.

What is the impact of high rankings of British universities on international students?

High rankings increase the attractiveness of these universities to international students seeking high-quality education and exceptional research opportunities.

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