UK Set for a Hiring Surge as Nearly Nine in Ten London Employers Plan to Recruit New Staff in Next 12 Months

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Just over 85 percent of all London employers are planning to recruit staff in the capital over the next 12 months, according to new figures shared with City A.M., with a huge drive focused on filling the UK skill gap.

These figures indicate the highest recruitment intentions in eight years, and only further promote the UK as a recruitment hub for international applicants.

Over two-thirds (67 percent) of employers who are hiring are looking for permanent staff, whilst a third (33 percent) are recruiting for temporary positions and 28 of employers are hiring for roles which are going to be fully remote.

Employers in Scotland and Wales have the strongest recruitment intentions, with 88 percent planning to hire over the next 12 months, followed by 87 percent in the East of England, according to recruitment giant Hays.

The firm, which reports annually on recruitment intentions across the UK, said it is the highest recruitment intention in eight years, compared to just 65 percent of employers who were planning on recruiting after the Brexit referendum in 2016.

The research comes as job vacancies hit 1.1m between July and September as reported by the ONS, the highest level since records began in 2001.

UK skill shortage challenges increase

The drive to recruit new staff comes as over three-quarters (86 percent) of employers say they have experienced skills shortages in the last year, increasing from 77 percent in 2020.

Close to half of employers (46 percent) say skills shortages have had a negative impact on productivity, whilst 45 percent say they’ve had a negative impact on employee morale, increasing from 37 percent the year prior.

To help abate shortages, Hays found that 22 percent of employers have increased their marketing activity to attract talent.

Sources: City A.M. –


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What sectors are experiencing a hiring surge in the UK?

Various sectors, including technology, healthcare, and construction, are seeing significant increases in recruitment activity due to economic recovery and increased demand for services.

What challenges are employers facing during this hiring surge?

Employers may struggle with finding enough skilled workers to meet demand, leading to increased competition and potentially higher salaries to attract talent.

How is the hiring surge affecting job seekers in the UK?

Job seekers might find more opportunities available, but they also face more competition, emphasizing the need for relevant skills and qualifications.

What long-term impacts could the hiring surge have on the UK's economy?

A sustained hiring surge could lead to economic growth, increased productivity, and potentially higher wages, but it might also highlight skill gaps in the workforce.

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